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Mercer Melbourne Global Pension Index 2015

The Index is produced through a collaboration between Mercer, and ACFS, an independent not-for-profit research centre, with funding provided by the Victorian Government as part of its ongoing support for leadership in the pension and superannuation industry.

Can Pension Systems Keep Delivering?

Pension systems around the world, whether they be social security systems or private sector arrangements, are now under more pressure than ever before. Significant pension reform is being considered or implemented in many countries due to:

  • ƒƒtheir ageing populations arising from lower fertility rates and increasing life expectancies
  • increased government debt in some countries
  • uncertain economic conditions
  • record low interest rates
  • a global shift towards greater individual responsibility with defined contribution plans.

Within this global environment of change, it is important that we learn together to understand what best practice may look like, both now and into the future.

This seventh edition of the Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index presents such research and compares retirement income systems in 25 countries which encompass a diversity of pension policies and practices.

The primary objective of this research is to benchmark each country’s retirement income system using more than 40 indicators. An important secondary purpose is to highlight some shortcomings in each country’s system and to suggest possible areas of reform that would provide more adequate retirement benefits, increased sustainability over the longer term and/or a greater trust in the pension system. 

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