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From central to local experiences from a regional reward perspective at DuPont

Expansion into emerging markets is high on the agenda for many multinational companies, including DuPont. One of the many challenges such organisations face is finding a way to make centrally driven HR organisations and centrally set reward policies resonate across all operations globally. This article discusses some of the challenges faced — and ongoing lessons learnt — from DuPont’s foray into sub-Saharan Africa.

"One of the key learnings…is to take the time to listen to the local leadership and then thoroughly research any issues that are raised, ideally based on data…It was important that the company better understood its local employee value proposition, engaged with local stakeholders, and was brave enough to recommend corrections (broad or individual) where appropriate."

Talent Mobility

Websites are not the only things that need to be mobile-optimized. Today’s increasingly globalized environment means you need to be ready to mobilize people at every level of your organization.

Our proprietary mobility data and research are the best of their kind—and so are our consultants. We have the tools and the experience to help you meet your organization’s specific mobility needs, with practical advice behind the hard numbers.

"There is a growing demand for … self-propelled, globally mobile professionals or ‘global citizens'."

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