Human Capital Agenda
Digital Disruption and Its Discontents

Digital technologies have completely transformed the way we think, work, socialise, and interact with colleagues. But the obvious benefits haven’t alleviated the concern we’ve had since the Industrial Revolution: that technology will render people in the workplace redundant. Technology theorist and author Tom Chatfield defines digital disruption today and examines five key steps to thinking differently (and more positively) about people and technology.

"We could spend a good deal of time thinking — and worrying — about what humans can’t do as well as machines. But instead let’s think about the unique qualities, traits, and values that can help us engage successfully with disruption."

Talent Strategy Defines Business Success

We’re entering a new era of performance management. Instead of looking back at what an employee has done, today’s people leaders are inspiring them with exciting career prospects ahead.

We can help you provide your people with careers that count. Our research shows that careers are a key engagement driver for talent — surpassing pay in some markets. If your employees don’t feel that they’re on an exciting career journey, your talent city could look very different in a few years.

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