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Mercer's Career Framework effectively outlines the various career levels and job families within your organization.

1 in 2 companies have a Career Framework in place. 50% don't!

Are You Challenged By:

  • Attracting and engaging high-potential talent?
  • Retaining employees due to unclear career progression options?
  • A shortage of specific skills?
  • Mapping the growth of key competencies needed for success?
  • Unlocking 'Big Data' insights from human capital management?

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A career framework is a strategic centerpiece that sits at the core of every HR department and touches on all workforce initiatives.

  • Attract, retain, and engage employees by demonstrating options for growth.   
  • Translate business objectives into explicit talent requirements. 
  • Strategically map the growth of critical skills. 
  • Assign accountabilities, performance standards and competencies to roles.
  • Create easier benchmarking for rewards and benefits programs. 
  • Connect HR initiatives to anchor a cohesive talent strategy. 
  • Mercer’s career framework outlines career levels and job families, clarifies how levels reflect meaningful differences in impact and career progression, and helps employees understand career options.

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